Silicon Craft Technology: Revolutionizing RFID and NFC Applications

Top 20 Semiconductor Tech Companies in APAC 2021

Despite the current Covid-19 wave, the global semiconductor demand remains high, with sales increasing substantially across all major regional markets. Various semiconductor companies and start-ups have already started investing in newer and better semiconductors to support their brave and ambitious ventures. Semiconductors were already used in a wide range of electrical products, but with the advent of Artificial intelligence, IoT, and 5G technologies, the scope for the growth of semiconductors has increased exponentially. The key drivers of the development of higher-value semiconductor components include big data analytics, mobile communication, gaming, connected and semi-autonomous cars, and to a large degree, the fast growth of connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

IoT increases the demand for cost-effective semiconductors, while 5G offers plenty of potentials. Speed is one factor, but reliability and low latency are the most significant benefits, unlocking vast new applications and use cases. AI is also playing a crucial role in generating huge business value for semiconductor companies at every step of their operations, from research and chip design to production through sales.

In this edition, we have listed some of the most prominent semiconductor companies in the space to help you choose the best vendor for your requirements. Besides, the magazine comprises insights from subject matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs on the latest industry trends, best practices, and recent innovations, highlighting their expertise. We hope this issue of Semiconductor Review helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster an environment driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Semiconductor Review’s, “Top 20 Semiconductor Tech Companies in APAC - 2021.”

    top semiconductor tech companies in apac

  • Chunghwa Precision Test Tech is a leading and fastest growing providers of semiconductor test interface products, ranked among the top 11 global semiconductor probe card companies in 2020. CHPT currently has more than 70 percent of the market share in the probe PCBs and substrates sectors for smartphone test application processors chips—the trend of today’s 5G, AI, and high performance processors. In addition, CHPT also manufactures boards used in network communication, automotive electronics, and other niche products. What distinguishes CHPT from its competitors is its ability to offer an all-in-house service to produce tailored products for clients. Chang explains that traditionally, clients needed to outsource their designers and manufacturers separately, resulting in inevitable loss of transportation, time, and communication

  • Luckylight Electronics is a professional LED manufacturer and supplier specializing in R&D, production, and sales of LED components. The company customizes or develops LED components for special applications to meet the unique needs of their customers while improving the characteristics of their products. Luckylight’s extensive solution portfolio includes through-hole, chip, mid power, and infrared LEDs, as well as segment and dot matrix LED displays, backlights, and more. To ensure top-notch quality in all products, Luckylight continuously fulfills various certifications of premium grade policy orientations, most notably the ISO9001, IATF 16949, ISO14001 certifications in addition to RoHS and REACH certifications for their management system

  • Silicon Craft Technology offers novel, custom, and standard design microchips for RFID applications and delivers robust RFID-driven products integrated with value-added features. Founded in 2002, SIC has a proven track record of designing and developing world-class ICs for linear and mixed signals. The company leverages its two-decade experience and laser-focus on RFID innovations to understand client needs and subsequently design robust solutions with high-quality and superior performance. Currently, the company provides standard and ASIC designs for RFID tags as well as RFID readers under its low frequency (LF) and high frequency (HF) product line

  • With its focus on advanced packaging and power devices, TAZMO enables sophistication, enhancement of functionality and customization as well as cost reduction. Since its establishment in 1972, TAZMO has continued to provide equipment that contributes to the automation of processing in device manufacturing based on chemical coating technology and wafer transfer technology. The company’s four core businesses are temporary bonding and debonding(TBDB) equipment and thick film coating/developing equipment, wafer handling transfer robots, cleaning equipment for wafer manufacturing processes, and coating equipment for FPD

  • Turbodynamics is a leading provider of system integration in the semiconductor market. The company offers design and manufacturing of high-quality automated testing automated test equipment (ATE) products for the semiconductor industry with core competence in docking and system integration. At the heart of Turbodynamics is its R&D department, which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the latest software required to design, manufacture and assemble its products in-house with high-quality, trained specialists

  • Verification Technology, Inc. specializes in design and verification for ASIC, ASSP, and FPGA.

  • ALi Corporation

    ALi Corporation

    Founded in 1993, ALi Corporation (TWSE: 3041) is a leading System-on-Chip design company for digital multimedia. They are devoted to providing a total solution featuring high security, high price-performance ratio, high integration of hardware and software, and low power consumption. This company ranks among the three leading vendors of the Pay and Retail set-top-box market. It is a worldwide leader in the field of multimedia audio chips. ALi Corp. successfully developed their operating system; their mature process technologies enabled them to support the integration of heterogeneous architecture and the design of acceleration platforms with software and hardware compatibility

  • Excelitas Technologies

    Excelitas Technologies

    Excelitas Technologies is a technology leader in delivering high-performance, market-driven photonic innovations to meet the lighting, optronic, detection, and optical technology needs of customers worldwide. Serving a vast array of applications across automotive, consumer products, defense and aerospace, industrial, medical, safety and security, and sciences sectors, Excelitas Technologies stands committed to promoting our customers' success. At Excelitas, they engage with their customers in collaborative engineer-to-engineer relationships. Their photonic solutions teams are involved early in our customers' design cycles, helping them to accelerate time to market and secure unique technological differentiators and ensure barriers to entry for their competitors

  • Focuslight Technologies

    Focuslight Technologies

    Founded in 2007 by Dr. Victor X. Liu and headquartered in Xi’an, China, Focuslight Technologies Inc. is a fast-growing company that develops and manufactures high power diode lasers (photon generation) and laser optics (photon control) used in various applications in advanced manufacturing, health, research, automotive and consumer electronics. With their extensive engineering expertise and know-how, Focuslight is dedicated to providing customers with well-matched comprehensive solutions that enable customers’ success in their own business. Focuslight is committed to providing its customers with reliable, high-performance laser products and superior service

  • Fukushima SiC

    Fukushima SiC

    Fukushima SiC applied Gikem has the technology to design and produce circuits for high voltage and high currents, from 10 kV to several hundred kV and 10 A to 1000 A, using this SiC device. SiC semiconductors have very excellent characteristics, but in order to fully utilize them, mounting technology and circuit design technology are important, As a circuit design technology, They have put into practical use circuits that achieve high output and stability using series resonant circuits. Furthermore, as a mounting technology to realize direct mounting of SiC chips on ceramic substrates

  • IGSS GaN

    IGSS GaN

    IGSS GaN (IGaN) provides a one-stop solution for gallium nitride on silicon (GaN-on-Si) wafer fabrication for both power and radio frequency (RF) devices. They manufacture GaN-on-Si epitaxial wafers and offer proprietary wafer fabrication services on CMOS compatible Fab. They have exclusive Gallium Nitride on Silicon (GaN-on-Si) Disruptive Technologies licenses from Singapore's premier Research Institutions. Together with their GaN fabrication process technologies, they can deliver superior, customizable GaN-on-Si solutions for customers and leverage their GaN capabilities today to leapfrog and differentiate

  • Innofocus


    Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Innofocus Photonics Technology Pty Ltd focuses on technology innovation, product development, and manufacturing in the fields of intelligent nano-fabrication, energy-efficient thin-film coating, and production, high-resolution imaging, providing products, solutions, and services, dedicated to creating greater value for scientific research, green energy alternative solutions, biomedical applications, etc. Their products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia under industrial leading quality standards. At Innofocus, they have been dedicated to the design and manufacture of intelligent nano-fabrication systems, combining 3D image processing technology and ultra-high resolution microscopic imaging technology



    Littelfuse is an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected, and safer world. Across more than 15 countries, and with 12,000 global associates, we partner with customers to design and deliver innovative, reliable solutions. Serving over 100,000 end customers, our products are found in a variety of industrial, transportation, and electronics end markets—everywhere, every day. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, United States, Littelfuse was founded in 1927. Littelfuse has had a long-standing commitment to ensuring a diversified workforce through equal employment opportunities. Maintaining a diversified workforce is critical to the success of all facets of our organization

  • JSR Corporation

    JSR Corporation

    JSP provides products with a global top-level market share such as lithography materials, advanced electronic materials and liquid crystal display (LCD) materials. Founded in 1957, JSR provides synthetic rubber to the Japanese tire industry and from the beginning has concentrated on bringing innovation to the chemical industry

  • Lontium Semiconductor

    Lontium Semiconductor

    Lontium Semiconductor Corporation is a fabless design house established in 2006 with design centers, sales & support offices in Hefei, Shenzhen, and Hongkong, China. Lontium focuses on developing and marketing high-speed interface chips, embedded GPUs, and ultra-high-definition display drivers targeted for a wide range of high-definition multi-media applications. Based on ClearEdge technology, they strive to provide the best products and services for their customers worldwide. Its mission is to become a global high-speed, low-power mixed-signal chip and IP solution provider. Their high-speed interface IPs and a wide range of mixed-signal IPs on leading-edge manufacturing technology serve various SoC vendors worldwide



    MESOSCOPE started in July of 2006 in Taipei, Taiwan. The purpose of the company is to provide the most advanced Nano-Scale methodology and measurement concepts imported into Taiwan and China. Their provided data analysis and technical support to the semiconductor industry and academia circle for technology below 65nm. MESOSOCPE is now the leading Nano-Scale probe tip and un-traditional probe tip designer and manufacturing provider in the world. It designs and fabricates cleanness, high uniformity, and leading specification for failure analysis the advanced technology

  • Mloptic


    For over 20 years, Mloptic has been offering highly specialized expertise in optical, mechanical, electrical, software and systems integration. These solutions are used globally by customers from life science technology, the semiconductor industry, aerospace, and emerging market. They provide our complete solution to help customers in challenging applications and create products with the best value to customer benefit. The company's mission is to render high-precision optical components and systems to enable customer success, employee prosperity, and innovation in photonics

  • Samiltech


    Samil Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional company that develops and manufactures semiconductors and automation equipment. Since its foundation in 1993, it has been supplying various equipment to domestic and overseas manufacturing companies. It is an equipment manufacturing company focusing on the location of equipment and securing national competitiveness. Samil has especially been focusing on semiconductors and automation equipment, including trim/form equipment, semiconductor package inspection equipment, laser deflash equipment, and laser marking equipment among semiconductor post-processing equipment. They endeavored to be the company that creates the highest value with the best products through persistent R&D and quality improvement

  • sigurd Microelectronics

    sigurd Microelectronics

    Established in 1996 in Hsin Chu, Taiwan, Sigurd Corporation is an independent provider of semiconductor assembly and test services. By leveraging the state-of-the-art IC assembly and test equipment and technologies, the company offers fully integrated semiconductor backend manufacturing services their customers. Sigurd owns over one thousand various tester sets to perform wafer-level and final tests for semiconductor ICs and modules. The operation of these sophisticated test equipment and technologies makes us one of the leading providers of semiconductor test services addressing either stand-alone or turnkey markets. Sigurd utilizes sophisticated assembly technologies for the manufacture of MEMS ICs, power management ICs, RF modules, and logic ICs

  • Silicon Motion Technology

    Silicon Motion Technology

    Silicon Motion Technology Corporation (NasdaqGS: SIMO) is the global leader in developing NAND flash controllers for SSDs and other solid-state storage devices. They have over 20 years of experience developing specialized processor ICs that manage NAND components and deliver market-leading, high-performance storage solutions widely used in data centers, PCs, smartphones, and commercial and industrial applications. Their portfolios contain of controller intellectual properties developed from our deep understanding of NAND characteristics. This enables them to design both unique, highly optimized configurable IC plus related firmware controller platforms and complete turnkey controller solutions